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Johnson-Brock Public School

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6000 Series Policies

Policies Regarding Curricular and Academic Matters 


6001                      School Organization

6002                      School Calendar

6003                      Instructional Program

6004                      Curriculum Development

6005                      Academic Credits and Graduation

6006                      Commencement Ceremony

6007                      Senior Recognition

6008                      Class Rank

6009                     Grade Placement of Transfer Students

6010                      Special Education

6011                      Fire Inspection and Prevention

6012                      Flag Display and Patriotic Observances

6013                      Teaching Controversial Issues

6014                      School Attendance on Days of Scheduled Activities

6015                      Summer School

6016                      Homebound and Off-Campus Instruction

6017                      Homework

6018                      Grades

6019                      Communication with Parents

6020                      Multi-Cultural Education

6021                      District Criteria for Selecting Evaluators to be Used for Special
Education Evaluation and Verification and Independent Educational Evaluations

6022                      Section 504 Grievance Procedure

6023                      Relations with Non-Accredited Private or Home School Students

6024                      Student Discipline

6025                      Student Cell Phone and Other Electronic Devices

6026                      Emergency Dismissal

6027                      Field Trips

6028                      The Extracurricular Activities Program

6029                      Activity Trips

6030                      Public Appearances of School Groups

6031                      Emergency Exclusion

6032                      Constitution Day Education

6033                      Seclusion and Restraint of Students

6034                      Concussion Awareness

6036                     Reading Instruction and Intervention Services

Special Education Procedure

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