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Principal Notes 4.4.2016

This week, the 2016-2017 course schedule will be sent home with students for their review with parents.  To an extent, the schedule is still tentative at this point; however, we feel we have a solid list of course offerings for our students.  A lot of time, effort, and feedback goes into creating a schedule each year to ensure graduation requirements and student interests can be met.

The process typically begins in early November when teachers are encouraged to provide their input on possible course conflicts, course offerings, and periods in which they would like to see their courses placed on the schedule.  With this input, the first rough draft of the schedule is put together and shared with teachers in January.  The educational staff is then provided time to look through conflicts and provide input once again.  By mid-February, the first round of pre-enrollment with students occurs.  Students are able to pick the classes they are most interested in taking and that information is compiled and reviewed.  This year, we had very few conflicts with the student schedules.  When conflicts do arise; however, a workable solution is determined and then shared with the staff once again.  We feel we now have a schedule that is ready for students to take home and review with their parents. 

As we work toward finalizing a schedule for the 2016-2017 year, we want to create a schedule that remains static from year to year as much as possible.  However, changes in personnel, course offerings, and school funding can all play a role in disrupting the scheduling process and making changes that were not planned.  Schedules are built with the seniors in mind first.  It is important courses are offered in such a way that allows them to meet graduation requirements during their final year.  From there, we try to place the core subjects and required courses in the morning; with elective offerings being located in the afternoon.  Throughout the year, activities require students to leave while school is still in session.  We feel it is important for students to be present in their core academic subjects (which are tested) as much as possible.

As you review the schedule with your child, please remember the amount of time and effort that has been dedicated to create a document that works for the majority of students.  There will always be conflicts in student schedules but we have tried to minimize those as much as possible.  I would also encourage all students to consider taking a rigorous schedule that allows for deeper opportunities of learning.  Feel free to contact the school with any questions regarding the schedule.