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School is Off and Running!

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We are off to a great start at Johnson-Brock!  It is always nice to see the students in the building once again after a nice relaxing summer.  However, I often question whether or not we even had a summer with how quickly the time goes!  The staff and students are settling back into the routines of school and I am positive that we will have a very successful year!  As I settle into the principal position at Johnson-Brock, I wanted to take a few moments to introduce a few of the new programs and activities that your students may be talking about as they share with you their school experiences.  Two programs that I am very excited about are the eWalk and our PBiS model. 

To aid in the instructional process at our school, the teachers have been introduced to a new walkthrough tool called the “eWalk.”  No, it is not an idea from Star Wars but instead a data gathering tool that can be used to drive instructional decisions.  The eWalk incorporates many of the teaching strategies that our teachers have already been trained in; including work from Robert Marzano, Charlotte Danielson, Anita Archer, and Howard Gardner.  It also looks at other areas of the classroom such as environment, management, and technology usage.  The data collected through these eWalks will help drive our in-service activities throughout the year.  Over the past few days, your child may have said they saw the principal in the classroom.  My goal is to be in the classrooms as much I possibly can be to witness all of the great activities our students and staff are participating in. 

A second new initiative for our students this year is our PBiS model called SOAR.  PBiS is an acronym for Positive Behavior Intervention & Support.  PBiS is a model that schools across the nation are beginning to implement.  The key is to prevent negative actions by promoting positive behaviors.  In a nut shell, we want to be proactive by creating an atmosphere of school pride and respect where students act appropriately in different situations around the school.  In order to create buy-in for a PBiS model, schools should personalize the strategy they plan to implement and make it their own.  Johnson-Brock has chosen the acronym SOAR.  S=Safe, O=Ownership, A=Achieve, R=Respect.  Johnson-Brock students use these words to describe appropriate behaviors to be used in locations such as the hallway, classrooms, special events, buses, playground and other areas around the building.  We hope that building relationships through positive interactions will help to create an encouraging learning environment for our students. 

I would like to thank everyone for the role they have played in making this a great start to the school year!  The students of Johnson-Brock are fortunate to have such caring parents and community members who proudly support the school and school activities.  I am excited to see the successes our students and staff will achieve throughout the course of the year!