2020 E-Rate RFP FOR Network Switches Q&A

RFP: https://5il.co/cend

3 - MS225-48LP-HW Meraki Switches and 1 - MS250-48LP-HW Meraki Switch

Q. I believe the model numbers provided on the RFP are non-PoE. The PoE model numbers (LP) are MS225-48LP-HW and MS250-48LP-HW. Are those the models you want? Or should I quote exactly from the RFP for MS225-48-HW and MS250-48-HW? It listed PoE(LP) 370W in the descriptions, so I just wanted to clarify.

A. Yes we want MS225-48LP-HW and MS250-48LP-HW. Please quote the PoE(LP) we need them for PoE Access Points.